Code of Conduct

Sussex Youth Ballet Company enforces the following code of conduct to ensure a successful, safe and enjoyable learning experience for all.

Sussex Youth Ballet Company Code of Conduct

  • All students are expected to wear the correct Sussex Youth Ballet Company uniform and to be well presented. Hair tied back in a bun for girls and off the face for boys.
  • No jewellery may be worn.
  • All members of Sussex Youth Ballet Company should be polite and respectful and supportive of teachers, assistants, administrators and each other.
  • Bullying of fellow students is unacceptable and Sussex Youth Ballet Company holds a zero tolerance policy.
  • Students are expected to be punctual for all classes, rehearsals and performances, by arriving on time, dressed and ready to begin.
  • Mobile phones, tablets and computers must be switched off during rehearsals, classes and performance.
  • Nuts are not permitted in class, rehearsals or in the theatre.
  • Sussex Youth Ballet Company have a website, Facebook page and Twitter account. As with all social media these must be treated with respect.
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