Terms & Conditions

SYBC is not affiliated to any dance school.

Parents/Guardians have read and understood the child protection policy.

Fees must be paid by the first workshop.

Fees will not be refunded in cases of absence.

Please notify us in advance of any planned absences or holidays.

When students have finished their workshop and have left the studiothey are no longer the responsibility of SYBC.

SYBC does not accept responsibility for any items lost or stolen. Items found will be held in lost property.

SYBC employs working guest teachers who may, due to unexpectedwork commitments, have to reschedule. Although we will endeavour to inform parents/guardians as soon as possible SYBC reserves the right to change the timetable at short notice.

SYBC will monitor students throughout the year and reserves the right to move any student to a different group from which they were originally assigned.

Membership is not automatic and students will be invited to return for the following year.

Students must behave respectfully, at all times, to teachers and fellow members.

Students must arrive on time.

Students must bring water to drink during workshops. It is important to drink fluids at regular intervals during physical exercise.

If any student is absent for a scheduled rehearsal, it can not be guaranteed that the student will be able to take part in that particular number. This is due to the limited rehearsal time the choreographer has with each group.

SYBC teachers, chaperones, assistants and administrators are unable to administer medication of any kind. If emergency medication may be required, please speak to the administrator in confidence to authorise emergency care.

SYBC may take photos and videos for publicity or in house purposes. These photos/videos may also appear on our website. If you wish your child not to be photographed or videoed, or appear in any of these in our publicity/ website, please inform us in writing before the beginning of the course.